Our Results

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In the last year, we have saved our clients over €1,200,000. Our results speak for themselves with reductions in Overhead Costs averaging 18%.

With a growing database of over 15,000 suppliers, we are in the best position to find the most suitable suppliers for your specific business needs and requirements.

Our Effective Procurement Results include;


€32,497 for a food producer that sourced their Packaging requirements from China, directly from an International Manufacturer as opposed to a local reseller.



€42,155 for a manufacturing client while sourcing commodities, essentially by negotiating the best possible Electricity price for their appropriate Tariff



€26,907 for a Multinational business on their Telecom bills by ensuring they are paying current pricing for local, national and international calls



€65,149 for a property business that expertly reviewed their Security spends to obtain the most competitive rates for their Static Guard, Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response needs



€39,057 for one business due to having an incorrect Electricity Tariff and €41,237 for another client whose fixed charges were incorrect



How about guaranteed savings? For Oil and LPG buyers, we can guarantee a 10% reduction with intelligent boiler controls or a 20% savings with an alternate energy provider



We saved €84,188 recently for a group of SMEs that combined their Electricity consumption to collectively negotiate a 16% discount on their bills



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