Spend Analysis

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“War is 90% information” Napoleon

We are not advocating fighting with your vendors, but there is phenomenal information available about your vendors and their marketplaces, via the correct spend data analysis. Arvo’s Spend Analysis service delivers increased purchasing visibility to provide vital insights to enable major savings. While identifying opportunities for cost reduction, we will highlight spend categories with the biggest savings potential, before implementing Sourcing Tools and implementing savings programs. We will quickly increase levels of spend under control and improve spending behaviours across your organisation.

Arvo’s Spend Analysis expertise is often delivered in the form of an Audit, with verifiable results for clients such as;

• Improved Procurement Efficiencies and Effectiveness
• Real savings delivered
• Professional assistance towards achieving commercial objectives
• We source the most suitable suppliers for your requirements.
• Follow-up, Implementation and Monitoring of new suppliers and contracts

Arvo’s Spend Analysis answers questions such as;

1. What are we buying?
2. From whom do we buy it?
3. How do we buy it?
4. When are we buying?
5. How much are we buying for?
6. Are we buying right? (benchmarking)

With well-structured spend data, Arvo can determine where best to spend time on efforts that consolidate buying and rationalise the supply base, two ways to help reduce costs over the long term.

Talk to us today about your spend data and opportunities to reduce costs, reduce risks and improve contract compliance.

“We are delighted to have engaged Arvo to analyse, benchmark and reduce our Overhead costs here in Ireland. It is important to stay competitive these days with costs such as Utilities, so it was great to leverage Arvo’s benchmarking expertise to reduce our bills. I would have no hesitation recommending Arvo to others as our 17% cost reductions were realised without even having to change suppliers.” Terence O’Regan – Henry Ford & Son

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