Strategic Procurement

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Arvo provide both Strategic Procurement and Tactical Procurement services to clients, with the strategic approaches focusing on long-term delivery of value and impact, while our Tactical Procurement expertise supports the day-to-day operational aspects of sourcing & procurement.

The Arvo strategic approach involves understanding the importance of the procurement function within an organisation while putting strategies in place to support Procurement’s delivery of value. Arvo have researched, reviewed, written and implemented overarching procurement strategies, so as to support buyers when achieving their targets, sourcing suppliers and managing relationships to successfully deliver against corporate objectives and business needs, while consistently delivering overall value for money.

This sustainable approach is always initiated by a detailed analysis of historic and forecast spend to identify the volume, value and risk associated with the acquisition of varying categories of goods and services. Arvo’s methodology and approach to strategic procurement, involves robust research, analysis and planning that results in a procurement strategy that influences and shapes the market to meet your needs.

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