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Are you a public-procurement buyer with a problem i.e. Have you an operational challenge or business objective, requiring cutting-edge research or blue-sky thinking to resolve a significant problem requiring an innovative solution?

Are you a private company with a solution i.e. Have you an innovative product or service which the public-sector would benefit from, while the Government could become your first/early customer?

Arvo is one of the founding members of the Procurement Transformation Institute, which is Ireland’s Centre of Excellence to promote Pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and Public procurement of innovation (PPI), to all stakeholders. For clarity,

  • Pre-commercial procurement (PCP) is an approach with in the public procurement of innovation, developed specifically for the procurement of R&D services rather than actual goods and services;
  • Public procurement of innovation (PPI) occurs when public authorities act as a launch customer for innovative goods or services.
  • The Procurement Transformation Institute is a Designated Activity Company (DAC) that provides a gateway to improving procurement capabilities by linking experience based education, thought-leadership, training and collaborative industry partnerships for SME and larger organisations. This new competency centre, is being developed within the University College of Cork (UCC) by The Cork University Business School (CUBS), Arvo and iDDea, to provide an open space dedicated to the science and art of procurement impact, for current and future professionals in any organisation

The benefits of PCP & PPI for Ireland:

  1. To foster more innovative public procurement procedures and admin capacities.

Main Beneficiaries & target group: procurement officers (improving know-how to run PCP/PPI procedures)

  1. To foster innovation through public procurement – both PCP and PPI.

Beneficiaries: public procurers (e.g. open call offering co-financing, best ideas selected = public sector challenges that would generate maximum quality/efficiency improvement for region if solved by innovations). Target group: public sector (improved quality/efficiency) and enterprises (business opportunities).

  1. To foster better meeting of public needs through buying the development (PCP) and deployment (PPI) of innovative solutions.

Beneficiaries: public procurers such as town planners, transport, environment, health etc. authorities and ministries (ERDF, Cohesion Fund and ESF). Target group: public sector (improved quality/efficiency) and enterprises (business opportunities).

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