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Arvo implement savings programs, increasing the value of our clients businesses using a complete suite of procurement services, expertise and technology.



Savings Assessment

Initial engagement to determine savings opportunity, project scope and expected outcomes. At this stage, we help organisations—and their management—prepare for change, whether it is a technology system to improve efficiencies, procurement processes that need defining or refining, while preparation for the introduction of new suppliers to achieve savings, is paramount. Back to top



Spend Analysis

Our Spend Analysis service delivers increased purchasing visibility to provide vital insights to enable major savings. While identifying opportunities for cost reduction, we will highlight spend categories with the biggest savings potential, before implementing Sourcing Tools and implementing savings programs. We will quickly increase levels of spend under control and improve spending behaviours across your organisation. Back to top



Category Sourcing

Organisations purchase many and various products and services, differing in their complexity and importance. To implement savings programs, it is essential to have a deep understanding of that category, the market, it’s trends and its impact on your business.

We offer deep knowledge across a vast array of categories, which facilitates, rapid sourcing, market intelligence and negotiation tools which are vital to achieve significant savings.Back to top



Commodity Sourcing

Many organisations spend a considerable amount of time and effort researching, assessing and negotiating commodity prices, only to find, prices shift dramatically soon after. We provide buyers with a smarter supplier base, regular tenders and expert category knowledge in the areas of Energy, Telecoms, Packaging, Recruitment, Courier/Freight, Office Supplies, Commercial Print, Professional Services, Facilities Management, Furniture, Security, Catering and Medical Supplies. Back to top



IT Audit

Procuring and Sourcing IT Products and Services is never straightforward. With years of experience purchasing Software, Hardware, Telecommunications, Network Equipment, Enterprise Systems, PCs & Peripherals, Mobile Phones and IT Consulting Services, we can assist with IT Change, Software Development, Project Management, Implementation and analysis (e.g. Total Cost of Ownership). Back to top




Our Managed RfX Tool helps you to cut spend across a variety of Spend Categories. Whether you require Information, Quotations, Bids or Prices, our substantial e-Sourcing platform, can cater for all requirements e.g. from a simple one-time RFQ to a complex multi-stage RFI / RFP / RFQ process. With 5,000 qualified suppliers, sufficient competition exists to derive value for your Request-for-X. Back to top




Creating, issuing and managing tenders can take time and effort especially as negotiations with multiple potential vendors, can hit numerous roadblocks. However, we utilise our own bespoke eAuction platform to deliver significant benefits in commodity spend, negotiations and supplier performance improvement. Back to top



Contract Management

Contract management and administration is a vital ongoing task to enhance the relationship between customers, vendors and partners. With our internal legal expertise, we assist while negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts and ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions, as well as documenting and agreeing on any changes or amendments that may arise during its implementation or execution. Back to top



Vendor Management

We forensically measure, review and monitor vendor performance so as to maximise their financial and operational performance, while minimising the buyers risk. Coupled with this, we ensure savings are implemented and contracts are adhered to, leading to a long-term supplier partnership with all vendors. Back to top



China & India Sourcing

Low cost country sourcing has grown significantly as a strategy to combat the current economic scenario and spiraling raw material costs in the manufacturing sector. Great value can be realised from a strategic plan to source products and services from these countries. We have partners and agents in both India and China to assist you take advantage of these global sourcing opportunities. Back to top


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