With so much additional cost involved in running your Credit Union in current times, would it not be a major benefit to have specialist external support in managing cost while maintaining service delivery to your members? In most cases it simply is not viable to employ a full time procurement specialist, yet never has such a focused approach to cost management been more necessary and more needed.


The good news is that your Credit Union can either, as part of a localised group, or on a stand alone basis, tap in to the vast experience in procurement which is available exclusively through Le Chéile Procurement.


What is Le Chéile Procurement??

Le Chéile Procurement represents the coming together of two market leading firms to provide a vital service for Credit Unions in Ireland;

  1. Arvo is an Enterprise Ireland backed firm of specialist procurement professionals and has already proven credentials in making significant savings for a myriad of organisations, including Credit Unions.
  2. Le Chéile Group has been working exclusively in the Credit Union sector for nearly a decade and has pioneered many services within the sector including Insurances, Investments and Debit Cards.

Procurement represents Le Chéile’s newest service to the sector which responds to the seemingly endless drain on Credit Union resources arising from running costs, compliance costs, utilities etc.


How does it work?

  1. We examine Credit Unions for savings potential, benchmarking operational effectiveness within the League of Credit Unions
  2. We have a database of 12,000 Irish suppliers to expertly source great local competitive suppliers,
  3. We analyse your spend, articulate your requirements, group your consumption and negotiate with relevant suppliers in the Irish market
  4. We save you Time and Money by sourcing suppliers with low margins and overheads, with the following results in 2015;

5 Steps – How Does the Process Work?

  1. Present concept of Arvo Audits
  2. Audit agreed and initiated (client invoices/bills shared with Arvo)
  3. Analysis, benchmarking and savings identified
  4. Savings Report presented within two weeks
  5. Implementation and Monitoring of new suppliers/rates

What are the Fees?

Results Focused:
If there are savings found, Arvo’s fee would be 40% of the previous twelve months savings. This fee includes savings implementation and monitoring (if required). 
NB: If there are no savings found, no fee applies.

Why undertake an Audit?

  1. We bring an entrepreneurial spirit to Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
  2. We assist in the implementation of new programs, contracts and suppliers
  3. We help Credit Unions reduce their costs and increase their profits while they focus on their core business

“Cost Savings are vital in today’s’ Credit Union landscape. Over the past year Our Credit Union have worked closely with Arvo, who have assisted us to make substantial savings to our Credit Union. Working with Supply has allowed us to reduce our Utilities costs by over 25% and improved efficiencies across the board. We are extremely happy with the service they have provided and the savings which we have made as a result.”
A Known Credit Union –

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