Arvo have been supporting public bodies with public procurement compliance, efficiencies and effectiveness for many years now and we are regularly asked –

“Do you have a template for that?”

That” can be an entire tender document, evaluation scoresheet, service specification, or any range of selection/award criteria (& most recently often GPP related + thankfully the OGP have a great GPP resource here). So in reply to the above question, Arvo do have many templates so we have decided to share some of these – technically most are in the pubic domain already via published eTenders…

The first in our series is a Cloud Services RFT Template pack to tender “Contact Centre as a Service” which includes:

  1. A guideline to project plan your Cloud Services Procurement project (Contact Centre as a Service)
  2. A tender template with resulting service contract template
  3. A Requirements and Specification template file (excel)
  4. A sample Pricing Schedule document

We make these available to download for free but suggest you to contact [email protected] with any queries on these templates.

Please complete the form below to access these documents:

Finally, let us know what other areas in public procurement you require templates for and we will consider publishing these in future.