Having just completed a Telecoms Audit with 53% savings for a local business, we want to share some insights as we are always amazed by the double-digit savings diagnosed during Telecom Audits, with 20/30/40% savings the norm during each review. Telecoms bills can be unjustly inflated as businesses are impacted by unused fixed lines, restrictive ISDN’s, inappropriate mobile bundles, new Internet Telephony technologies or simply draconian Tariffs.

While, there never has been a better time to initiate a review of your Telecoms Costs, with;


  1. 3’s recent acquisition of O2 expected to drive increased competition in the Irish phone market, especially for business customers
  2. Mobile phone rates in Ireland dropped significantly in the last 2 years, with this trend expected to continue for the remainder of 2015. In essence this was triggered by eMobile’s introduction to the market, where the previous Meteor had little impact.
  3. Last year, we extensively covered the merits of VoIP/Internet Telephony for businesses and with improving networks and technologies, this trend is continuing with additional benefits for Hosted Telephony and ultimately significant cost savings
  4. All network operators are committing to improve data coverage while the infamous ‘superfast 4G’ network is more than a myth, with 5-10 times improvement experienced (during this simple test I undertook in the past 6 months: Vodafone 4G v O2 3G)
  5. A warning for all Telecom Operators – Google aims to create a global network that will cost the same to use for calls, texts and data no matter where a customer is located.


Google’s ambitions above are not as far-fetched as one might think, as operators in Ireland such as VTSL, are now offering Irish Businesses, competitive hosted IP Telephony, with;

  • No install or set-up charges
  • All Local National & Mobile calls in Ireland are free
  • All Local National & Mobile calls in the UK are free


So as we stated from the outset, there is no better time to initiate a review of your Telecoms Costs.

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